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Rent A Boat in Halkidiki! Get ready to reconnect with nature and discover the hidden gems of Greece. Vourvourou resort in Sithonia peninsula is described as one of the best boating destinations offering unforgettable summer memories.

You don’t even need to own a boat or a license to fully experience the turquoise waters of Vourvourou in Halkidiki. For your next escape, hop on board one of the Into the Blue rental motor boats and plan a visit to one of these six top local boating destinations.

1) Blue Lagoon – The Hidden gem of Halkidiki

A small strait between Diaporos Island and Agios Isidoros island, the Blue Lagoon spot is a shallow bay with a white sandy sea bottom. This combination of white sand and shallow depth gives the water its light, glacier-like blue color. Looking at it from above, it seems as if somebody has turned the underwater lights on to illuminate the lagoon like a brilliant gem – it’s absolutely stunning!

Just imagine yourself diving from the deck of a boat into the refreshing crystalline sea, or snorkeling in this pool-like wonder that has one of the best visibility rates in the world! The Blue Lagoon is certainly one of the reasons worth visiting Diaporos Island. To take advantage of this natural phenomenon, our Into The Blue – Boat Rental company gives you the opportunity to rent a brand-new motor boat, so as to be in control of your daytrip, while exploring this beautiful boating destination!

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 2) Karidi Beach – An Exotic Beach with turquoise waters

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Probably one of Halkidiki’s most photogenic beaches! Karidi beach is a small diamond, an exotic beach with white sand, turquoise waters, white rocks and a cluster of pines trees near the coast.

Karidi beach has powdery sand, whose beauty is just unparalleled! The water is very shallow and calm, like a large sheltered aquamarine swimming pool. Adults can easily walk out for many meters and the water won’t get past their waist, and this makes it the best pool for kids! This family paradise is very crowded in the summer but still worth visiting. In case you crave for some time alone, turn left from the central cove and you will find a more peaceful little cove for you and your dear ones.

3) Myrsini Beach (Hawaii) – A small piece of paradise

Located on the east side of Diaporos Island, this is a well-protected beach, accessible only by boat or a guided sea kayak trip departing from Vourvourou resort! A small piece of paradise on earth, combining blue waters, white sand and white rock formations! Myrsini Beach, also known as “Hawaii”, is a must-see location.

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It is also called White Beach, because of its white sand and azure blue water. Due to the geographical location, the coves are protected from the wind and there are no waves. You can easily reach Myrsini beach with your Into the Blue – Boat Rental from Vourvouroun – it only takes a few minutes to reach this lovely one-of-a-kind beach.


4) Peristeri Island – Double beach with a sea lighthouse

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The islet of Peristeri is located in the bay of Vourvourou, between the islands of Elia and Diaporos. The island has a double sandy beach and a sea lighthouse. A picturesque landscape, definitely worth visiting.

The island is the first entry point into the bay for many animals that come from the north and east of the Gulf of Mount Athos. The north coast is steeper, while a dual sandy beach awaits for you in the south, next to two smaller islands. The total coastline of the island is no more than one kilometer long.

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Photo from Marc Hildige’s post

The area is famous for its rich biodiversity. The calm, protected and warm waters form the ideal breeding conditions for many species of fish. Moreover, Mediterranean seals are a common sight in this area. They come here to hunt, all the way from the caves of Mount Athos, where they reside.

5) Lagonisi Beach – A beautiful small rocky peninsula

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Lagonisi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The beach has very fine sand and beautiful sandy-bottom, turquoise shallow waters.

The clarity of the water is amazing and, because of the bright colors, the sand itself has a delicate, light blue color. Because of the Diaporos island across Lagonisi beach, the bay is protected from the wind and is thus usually calm and without waves. Over the weekend, the number of visitors increases, so it is best to visit on weekdays and early in the morning, to find a suitable place for you and your family.

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6) Kryfto Bay – A natural shelter for boats

Visit Kryfto Bay (the name means “hidden” in Greek) to get away from the main busy boat routes! Kryfto Bay is a huge natural bay, over 700 meters long, which serves as a dock for boats when the sea is rough. The bay ends in shallow waters, which are always warm and suitable for winter swimmers too.

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Amongst other things one can see the ruins of the pre-Byzantine Temple of St. Andreas, the oldest Christian temple in Sithonia peninsula (500 B.C.). It was a public basilica-style building, made of limestone and marble which was transported here over long distances, thus highlighting the prosperity of the region.

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